FINALLY found it. #crfashionbook #beyonce (at The Protein Bar on S. Colorado)


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Juicy J - Low ft. Nicki Minaj, Lil Bibby, & Young Thug

I switched with one of the other artists at the stripclub so I’ll be working tomorrow night. I’m not really looking forward to it since I don’t really feel 100% per cent myself. I kind of feel I’m like I’m coming toward a shit or get off the pot moment. I so desperately want to leave Colorado move up north where the economy is healthier but the logistics with what will happen to the spa and what my fiance and i will do are so overwhelming to think about. I’m flying up to North Dakota for clients in two weeks and I am so tempted not to return. 

I feel better than yesterday. 

it’s so annoying being depressed.


#iPhone6 !!! Yay no more swamp phone omggg 😍 I’m not about that iPhone plus kind of life tho #allgoldeverything

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Panic Cord - G Frsh (prod. HUCCI)

Selling my Simpsons x MAC tinted lipglass on ebay:
Nacho Cheese Explosion
Red Blazer
Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy
Grand Pumpkin
The listings are only up for a few more days. Sorry I didn’t link these sooner. Let me know if you have questions. xov

Full moon tonight makes it harder to sleep tonight, especially with iPhone 6 being announced and new Interpol coming out tomorrow!!

Lip Tars!!!! 
Still salty I didn’t get the smashbox santigold stuff when sephora put it all on sale. I guess they don’t reserve stuff in your basket so other people are able to buy it?! Anyways I’m throwing these beautiful babies in my kit. Let me know if you need a swatch…

New MAC eyeshadows for my kit: Aqua, Cobalt & Naval.

Camping was great! It rained all night but we stayed warm. The poms were being little divas last night so it was good that we packed them their pillows and all that. I accidentally dropped a roasted marshmallow on Fritz last night and then he stepped all over it so I’m sure that was traumatizing for him. He got bathed and dried very quickly though. I wish had more pictures to share but my phone will probably crap out any day now…

getting ready to go camping tonight with the poms and my dude. i have clients early birdy tomorrow morning but i’m excited to disconnect from everything even if its just for one night. my lash cases came in yesterday so i’m going to pick them up from the post office on my way to the mountains and hopefully have them on my storenvy tomorrow. i was intending on selling them to my dancers at the club but hey whereever i can sell them i guess. have a great night tumblr. xov


:) #macsimpsons #thesimpsons #maccosmetics

i’ll probably end up throwing the lipglosses on ebay since i already have dupes of everything…

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