Happy Earth Day! I didn’t get a chance to make it to the mountains today because of work so here’s a snapshot from my walk around the neighborhood today with the poms.

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“The Gravel Road”
The Village (2004)


Red Rocks shot with my high quality iphone that’s been dropped in the tub twice. #underwaterphotography

one of the dolce and gabbana reps brought us cupcakes today, but didn’t tell us that insides of the treats were filled with swarovski crystals and i ate several of those crystals before i realized it. i feel like boo boo now, i hope the lining of those aren’t lead based or something.


Some kit replenishment but I did buy myself the Marc Jacobs concealer brush because I’ve obsessed with it since it launched. The sephora eyeliner set is such a great deal too hopefully they’ll keep coming out with them.

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Bom Bom - Sam And The Womp!


Watching my Queen @chelseahandler 💋💋

Such a GREAT night, she did amazing! 

Winter is coming!!! by vg.Animated with Loopcam for iPhone.

Sorry I’ve been MIA I’ve been painting my ass off for an event in a few weeks and I’m soooooooo behind.

All orchid everything and I got the new electric palette from urban decay!

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“Sleep Sound” by Jamie xx, to be released May 5 on Young Turks.

the-fauxtographs asked:
that is so freaky!!

i know!! i’m smudging the house like crazy right now, i did not sleep well last night. 

Quick snapshot I sent my boyfriend of the Queen of Hearts face I did from today’s villians look at work today. I really wanted to do poison ivy since I’m a ginger right now but there were other girls being her. :( I had originally done heart shaped lips but I knew the moment I started drinking starbucks the lip would be moot.

Omfg the bathroom door opened and closed twice by itself and I’m home alone. I am gonna die!!!