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And I hope if there is one thing I let go it is the way that we cope.

Getting ready to drive up to the casino and quit my job. I’ve been up since 8 or 9 yesterday morning and I went to the casino early because the TG Manager had asked me to come in early (at the last minute AGAIN) so I had to scramble to change appointments and moved them all - starting at 7 am this morning and then she never showed up to meet me so they put me on tables for almost 12 hours yesterday and then I had 2 hour drive home. But keep in mind that’s only about 2 hour gap between leaving the casino and my first client of the day this morning. Of the four days that I’ve worked there, they’ve changed and added to my schedule 3 times the day off or day before less than 24 hours notice where I’ve had to move clients around to accommodate them. They already knew that I had another job(s) and I’m going to school and wanted to work minimal, evening, WEEKEND hours. I’m not that bitch that can just drop everything for them and get nothing in return. I’m quitting on a holiday weekend, you fuck with me I fuck with you.

Got some chanel perfume bottle phonecases in today, so I’ll throw those up on storenvy ASAP. Still trying to adjust to the casino, still bumming hard at my lack of a life. Trying to keep my mind off of it but I’m working 5 days straight when I originally agreed upon 2 or 3 days a week when I got hired. So I’m just bitter as hell right now… 

His first time trying Vietnamese coffee. I had a great evening with him and the dogs, got some errands and done and took them on a walk. Totally dreading the casino tomorrow but I’m trying to enjoy the evening while I still can.

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All The Rage Back Home - Interpol

Been going through a hard time trying to adjust my schedule and keep up with this new casino. I’m feeling like I’m sipping through the firehose a little bit especially since nothing is consistent here in terms of procedures or game protection. I can’t even get a straight answer as to what their fucking house shuffle is. And then come to find out they don’t even have poker tables which is the whole reason why I’m getting back into dealing to begin with. I’ve really been struggling the past few days as to what to do, its been giving me a lot of anxiety. I can feel myself starting to get fed up with their shit though and I hope I don’t pop off because I need them to see where I’m coming from and to only work me the hours that we agreed upon. On top of that I’m pretty rusty and I just feel like shit about myself. What little free time I have is spent practicing and I can see my skills getting better. Hopefully the answer will come to me in a few days because I feel like I’m losing my mind. 

On my way up to work I am so fucking nervous I can’t even explain it. I’m freaking the fuck out. Showing up is half the battle I guess…

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Truth Hurts | Addictive (feat. Rakim)
Truthfully Speaking (2002) 

Got roofied and pulled it together enough to get a dealer job and my CO gaming license. I gotta say I have a federal gaming license and that was a breeze to get compared to colorado’s. I’ll be dealing in CO because I won’t regularly be in Vegas until next March :”’( #ihatefrenchmanicures

Day 3 of #100happydays - kind of a rough day this is a photo of my drive up to my audition. I did get the blackjack job and I start tomorrow??? I’m freaking out as to how I’m going to organize my schedule with this and the spa and all my traveling. I’m still sick as well I have such a bad migraine I can barely see out of my right eye. I think the root of this is sleep deprivation so I’m going to take a sleeping pill and hope for the best. Goodnite xx

I forgot to do my #100happydays update yesterday. I have been super sick, I went out to eat with my fiance a few nights ago and I woke up with what I thought was the worst hangover ever and I didn’t even finish the one drink I had. I feel like I had been roofied and I’m not saying that jokingly. I have an audition today at a casino and I don’t know how I’m going to pull it together for this. Fingers crossed I do well. 

Working my ass off trying to put marketing stuff together before I go out of town for the weekend. I also put 1000 brochures and business cards together tonight. Doing monotonous tasks like this can be so relaxing to me.

Practicing counting and hanging out by the pool with my poms. Doing makeup at the club in a few hours.

Travie’s birthday was yesterday, we went shifter cart racing and out to lunch and dinner. I gave him Formula 1 tickets to see the races in Austin. I’ve never seen an f1 race in person before so this will be fun. He’s doing some event today and I’m trying to get some housework done and work on some spa projects. I cancelled a trip to Minnesota this weekend hopefully the money will come in anyway. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. xx

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